A Brush With Kindness

Do you or a neighbor need A Brush with Kindness?

A Brush with Kindness is a program that helps low-income homeowners in preserving their homeownership by focusing on exterior home repair services. When basic expenses exceed income month after month, home maintenance is the usual casualty. Years of deferred maintenance can cause a downward spiral of home deterioration and unsafe living conditions.

Once a homeowner’s eligibility is determined and their application is accepted, El Dorado County Habitat for Humanity’s A Brush with Kindness program provides caring volunteer groups who come alongside and assist homeowners in completing minor repairs, painting, and other home maintenance.

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Homeowner eligibility:

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Application Guidelines and Family Selection Criteria
A Brush of Kindness Homeowner Application

A Brush with Kindness is about connecting people and restoring homes through simple acts of kindness so that homeowners can once again live in a safe and decent home.

Sample of activities at various levels of skills/cost

Level I (low cost/low skill)
Window repair (screen, glass, glazing)
Scrape, paint, caulk
Minor siding & trim repair
Landscaping (pruning/trimming, weeding, reseeding)
Clean up, brush removal, junk removal
Board replacement in porch/stair/ramp
Minor roof repair & soffit/fascia replacement
Door replacement

Level II (increased skills and costs)
Major roof repair/replacement
Porch/stair/ramp construction
Extensive siding and trim repair/replacement
Window replacement
Weather stripping
Interior work (only as it relates to exterior work)

Level III
Partnering with other agencies for interior renovations and energy retrofitting